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You might not have heard of the Norwegian Jetski Club and that’s OK. But, you should know that they are doing a better job at building the future generation of jet ski racers than anywhere else in the world. This is a big statement, and we mean every single syllable of it. The Norwegian Jetski Club has managed to create a complete culture of elevating youth racing through positive engagement, individual achievement and healthy competition.

Alumni of the Norwegian Jetski Club – as it caters to 8-to-17 year old riders – have gone on to compete in France’s stellar Freegun Jetcross Tour as well as other UIM sanctioned events. Part of the Norwegian Jetski Club’s success has been its accessing of professional racers to step in and coach the kids in improving techniques. One such racer did exactly that this weekend, Kevin Reiterer.

On the shores of Bergen, Norway, thirty kids lined up to train with the twelve-time world champion, spending three days “discussing tactics and trying out training techniques in and out of the water,” according to a press release issued by Reiterer’s camp. Despite the 3°C (37.4 Fahrenheit) cold water, smiles were had by all.

“I was really impressed how so many people of Norway, have so much passion for a summer sport and most of all are so passionate about it. It was an amazing experience and everytime they ask me, I will be back to hang out with them!” Reiterer stated. “The little guys dueled for hours in the wavy water, on and with many horsepowers.”

Reiterer vowed to return after competing in the G-Shock Pro Tour in Thailand. Until that time, enjoy the video recapping his experience as a guest coach below:

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